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Sentence Examples

1. bruh, my city did it.

2. what's the deal, bruh?

3. thanks, bruh!- alright!

4. then i came alive, bruh.

5. but he opened my eyes, bruh.

6. full of power like a wire bruh.

7. bruh that's why i wrote the song.

8. call me if you need anything else, bruh.

9. get off the internet and get a life bruh

10. Bruh science is homebrew computer models

11. bruh i gotta keep my sneaker game tight.

12. It's a great time to be an adult watching TV, bruh.

13. bruh i can't feel the ground, no anchors on my legs.

14. Then came his assertions on Jay Z (“Jay Z, call me, bruh.

15. She thanks him for all his new work in the liner notes: "I love you, Baby Bruh."

16. Simply act confident, say "nah bruh i'm good" and just keep walking or ignore them.

17. 10 Things Women Wish You’d Stop Wearing Back away from the cargo shorts and listen up, bruh

18. But I’m trying to tell them that bruh helped me get to the point where I’m on your radar, you know what I’m saying?

19. The opening of the "Bruh Tesfa" school, which translated means "Bright Future", took place in September 2014 with a big party.

20. Bruh, that’s what I liked about her,” XXXTentacion told a woman later that night, giggling over a different story about degrading his ex-girlfriend.

Meaning of Bruh

1. a male friend (often used as a form of address).


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