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Sentence Examples

1. a Montessori school

2. that is how we montessori!

3. the city montessori school.

4. We are member of Montessori Europe.

5. Dr. Montessori herself did not teach.

6. 1898 birth of her son Mario Montessori

7. international montessori institute imi.

8. Montessori, Maria, Education and Peace.

9. In 1916, Montessori moved to Barcelona.

10. The Montessori Kita is a blessing for us.

11. The Montessori method seeks the opposite.

12. The Montessori method is non-programmatic.

13. Montessori, Maria, Discovery of the Child.

14. Thank you to the namc montessori community.

15. In Montessori, the child is his own teacher.

16. That is what Montessori Nature is all about!

17. Anne Frank at the Montessori school in 1940.

18. They are guided by Montessori trained staff.

19. Myth 4: We need to be strict to do Montessori

20. Montessori materials build upon each other.

Meaning of Montessori

1. a system of education for young children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods.


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