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Sentence Examples

1. great onboarding process.


2. New onboarding process and new setup


3. onboarding goes by in no time.

4. Functional onboarding as a new phase

5. In a way, it acts as mini-onboarding.

6. The two main types of onboarding are:

7. onboarding is now easy for employees.

8. Digital Onboarding and its regulation

9. Onboarding Is not the same as training

10. Secure Device Onboarding and Cloudpath

11. strategic onboarding makes a difference.

12. Onboarding made easy: one portal for all

13. Their onboarding emails are similar too!

14. Feel at home with our Onboarding Program

15. Onboarding is billed the first year only.

16. Learning makes onboarding more impactful.

17. How can I imagine your onboarding process?

18. We even have an Asana onboarding template!

19. The opposite of onboarding is offboarding.

20. Effective onboarding is more than training

Meaning of Onboarding

1. the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization or familiarizing a new customer or client with one's products or services.


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