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Sentence Examples

1. wtf was for films.

2. where diy meets wtf.

3. wtf is going on in this city?

4. wtf do we look stupid or what.

5. wtf… who came up with this game.

6. WTF Has Happened To Christian Bale?

7. “When I saw Stormy, I was like WTF?

8. My naive response was, “Wait, WTF?!?

9. Here are several WTF language example.

10. WTF are you guys doing @TeamYouTube?!""

11. WTF should you be doing with your life?

12. It was two WTF moments in five minutes.

13. WTF Was Going on With Joe Biden's Teeth?

14. i know you didn't put it there, but wtf?

15. WTF have you done with your scumbag life?

16. After Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF.

17. She added, “Wtf should I say to him or do?

18. They excite a “ho-hum” rather than a “wtf?”

19. 15 ridiculously WTF images you have ever seen

20. Wtf is breadcrumbing and how do you avoid it.

Meaning of Wtf

1. what the fuck?! (used as an expression of incredulity or annoyance).


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